bottom jobs

Sand Blasting

$ 25.00 x Running Ft.   (Plus Materials) 

Labor - Painting

Boats up to 35′ – $157.50 to $225.00 per Coat

Boats 36′ to 50′ – $230.00 to $282.50 per Coat

Boats 50′ and Up – $300.00 to $392.50  per Coat

*plus prep & materials*

Complete Bottom

– Sand Blast (inspect for Blisters & Factory Air Voids)

– Prep with Solvent / Tape Water Line & Running Gear

– Apply Barrier Coat 10 to 12 mils thick

– Apply 2 to 3 Coats of Anti-Fouling Paint


Bottom In Need of Complete Bottom Job

The Anti-fouling Paint is flaking due to the bottom not being prepped properly. The paint has lost it's inner-coat adhesion to the gel-coat. We will Sandblast this bottom and prep it accordingly so she can accept he new coats of anti fouling paint.

Talk to Us About Your Options

We offer a virety of Industry leading products to choose from.  Interlux / Sea Hawk / Pettit to name a few.  Each product has it own unique characteristic and usages.  Talk to us about finding the right paint for your bottom.  Good / Better / Best.

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